W.F. Wood Bark Mulch
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Fresh From Northern Maine

Types of Mulch

Red Hemlock                Regular Blend

           Black Bark                    Playground Chips

Red Hemlock Bark Mulch
Reddish Brown Color
The hemlock bark mulch we offer is some of the best hemlock in the Northeast. Its also one of the most popular products we sell. This bark mulch enhances the beauty of any landscape. 

Regular Blend Bark Mulch
Dark Brown Color
This is a really nice high quality old fashioned bark mulch, a blend of spruce and cedar bark. Our regular blend looks very good and holds up very well. This mulch provides a nice contrast with deep green foliage and it has a pleasant evergreen smell.

Black Bark Mulch
Midnight Black Color
We sell Really Really Really nice high quality black bark mulch. It is made from cedar and spruce bark aged till it turns black. A small amount of colorant is used to help maintain that midnight black color that stays black and looks good.

Certified Playground Chips
Light Gold Color
Our playground chips are the right choice for under playground equipment. They provide a soft, safe surface for children to play. Our playground chips are tested by Northwest Laboratories in Seattle, WA. They meet the national requirements for use under public and private playground equipment.

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