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Real Bark Mulch- Real Bark mulch is made from the bark and cambium wood found just under the bark. These layers are ground off the logs at the saw mill then reground to a fine texture. Real bark mulch is naturally resistant to insects and as it breaks down it adds nutrition to the soil. It also looks good and has a nice pleasant smell. This type of mulch is safe to use around your home and garden beds.

The Best Bark Mulch-The best bark mulch is real bark mulch made from the bark that comes from large soft wood, thick bark trees like hemlock and spruce. Also cedar bark is very good as well. All three of these species are considered the best to use for landscaping. Northern Maine is the best place to find these types of trees.

The Worst Mulch- Is mulch made from stumps, pallets, brush, demolition, yard waste and other low grade none suitable materials. Many times they are dyed or aged to resemble bark mulch often labeled Dark Pine. These types of mulches are unsafe to use for landscaping. 

Spreading Mulch- First any weeds must be pulled or cut. When spreading mulch, if its down to the dirt it is usually spread 3-4 inches deep. If there is existing mulch you can top-dress with a 2 inch deep layer.

Benefits of Real Barkmulch-
With no low quality by-products mixed in.
1. Safe 
Naturally resistant to insects
Naturally resistant to many funguses

2. Appealing
Attractive appearance
Pleasant smell

3. Beneficial
Holds moisture in soil
Adds nutrition to soil

4. Practical
Helps hold down weed growth
Protects roots from cold and heat

Don't Monkey Around- What we mean when we say Don't Monkey Around is: Avoid the pitfalls in buying bark mulch and take advantage of our integrity and over 30 years experience in selling bark mulch. W.F. Wood is dedicated to providing high quality bark mulch and fast delivery at low competitive rates. So please Don't Monkey Around!

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