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Certified Playground Chips

Our Playground chips are the right choice for under playground equipment. They provide a soft safe surface for children to play. Our playground chips are tested by Northwest Laboratories Seattle, WA. They meet the National requirments for use under public and private playground equipment. They are the right choice for your playground.

1. Our playground chips are made from fresh whole tree wood chips. Made especially to be used as playground chips.

2. Playground chips hold up well and last a long time. Usually they last for a whole childhood. But many times people choose to freshen them up every year or two.

3. Playground chips are most commonly spread 4-6 inches deep. But sometimes they are spread as thick as 12 inches for maximum impact resistance. Usually this is not necessary.

4. Bark Mulch also works well and is safe for playgrounds. Before playground chips were invented, barkmulch was used in both public and private playground areas. Barkmulch is naturally resistant to insects.

5. Rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is a petroleum based product that contains many chemicals. We do not recommend or sell it.

6. Low grade wood chips are not recommended for use in playgrounds because of the increased chance of insect problems. They also can be splintery.

7. We recommend certified playground chips for the playground. But we recommend real bark mulch for all the other mulch areas on your property.

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Tested for foreign objects
Tested for absorbing impact

Our playground chips are tested and meet government standards
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