W.F. Wood Bark Mulch
Real Bark Mulch
Fresh From Northern Maine

Measuring Info

We sell bark mulch by the cubic yard.

1 Cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet

1 cubic yard spread 3-4 inches deep covers 100 square feet equals 10ft X 10ft.

Measure area to be covered in feet.
Length X Width = Sq. footage

Measure each bed seperatly, figure square footage for that bed, then add them together.

Now divide by 100 to get amount mulch you need to cover at 3-4 inches deep.

For new areas, or down to dirt order more mulch.

For top dressing over old mulch order less.

Now your ready to order! Give us a call! We can also help you to figure out how much you need over the phone!

Don't Monkey Around! Call W.F. Wood Bark Mulch!

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Things our customers can expect:
Fast Delivery
Friendly Drivers
Knowledgeable Employees
Great Bark Mulch


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